What is Fiverr Pro? – 2020 Review

A Word About Fiverr Pro, what it is, and Why You Should Consider Using It…

If you’re a digital freelancer in 2020, the odds are pretty high that you’ve heard of Fiverr. For the rest of you, here’s a very quick primer:

Fiverr is a huge digital work platform with very humble beginnings: In the early days, budding freelancers (or anyone looking for some spare cash) could list a service on the site that they were prepared to undertake for just $5.

A Fiver. Clever huh?

We’re talking logo design, blog post writing and every weird and wonderful thing in between.

Despite hanging on to the name, Fiverr has grown exponentially since those early days, and while many users still offer services for $5, the platform is now home to many “real” freelancers offering professional online services with prices to match.

Going Pro

In late 2017, the platform launched a new service called Fiverr Pro. The company describes the pro moniker as a way to:

“Work with verified, exceptional talent, hand-vetted for stellar quality and service.”

Lofty claims indeed. But how does that differ from the regular Fiverr site? and how could you benefit as a freelancer from adopting Pro credentials?

How it Works

If you’re already active on Fiverr and you successfully apply for Pro status, you’ll be able to create specific “Pro Verified” gigs, that will show up in both the regular Fiverr listings, as well as on the all-new Pro section of the site.

It’s worth noting a few things here:

• You can’t upgrade your existing gigs to Pro status. You have to create new ones from scratch.

• Your existing Fiverr profile and gigs don’t change. They still function in the regular way. • Only Pro gigs will appear on the Pro page. They may show up in regular searches too.

Advantages to Going Pro:

We could wax lyrical about working with higher quality clients and undertaking more fulfilling projects, but let’s be honest here, the real reason a freelancer should consider applying for Pro credentials is the obvious one: More money.

Pro status sends a signal to high paying clients and agencies that if they use your creative services, they’re getting a vetted, high quality freelancer that ranks within the top 1% of all the Fiverr profiles.

For a discerning buyer, that means less guesswork when choosing a freelancer. For you, it means working with a better calibre of client willing to pay a higher price for quality work.

The Fiverr Pro Application Process

The great thing about Fiverr Pro is that whilst you need to be a professional in your field of expertise, you don’t need any experience at all on Fiverr itself to begin the application process.

You’re able to completely bypass Fiverr’s level system and go straight in at Pro level. Even if you’ve never used the platform.

With that being said, Pro verification is very, very stringent. You’ll be vetted by a team of real humans. They’re going to want to see a heap of experience and credentials.

The process consists of three rounds of investigation: Fiverr initially conducts a technical audit, in order to check that you’re able to successfully deliver on what you’re offering.

After that, you’ll continue through the process by submitting various professional credentials. These credentials vary depending on the service you’re offering, but in the main, the Fiverr team are going to want to see things like an extensive portfolio and a set of glowing references.

Finally, Fiverr will check your social media handles as part of the process of verifying your identity, and ask for proof of any educational credentials.

Pass all that, and you become “Pro Verified”.

Conclusion: Involved, but Worthwhile.

Getting verified for Fiverr Pro might seem like jumping through a few too many hoops, but the payoff could be massive. Pro gigs allow you to charge much, much more for your creative services. That means extra time to deliver a better standard of work, and the ability to build rewarding relationships with high-end clients and agencies.