Guest Review of Fiverr – from one of its 5 Star Sellers

Top Rated Fiverr 5 Star Seller provides a Guest Review of Fiverr

A Fiverr 5 Star Seller reviews his own experience of using Fiverr to sell his Freelance services

Quite frankly, the world is truly changing at a faster pace than most people often realize. It was just like yesterday, when my dad used to come back home from work, tired and hungry, with his suit and briefcase filled with lots of paper work to be done. 

And given that he was the secretary at this very firm, he often had lots of writings, imputing, recording and so on to finish off before the next day. In fact, I remember coming down the stairs one day, to see him dozing off while still handling some paper work.

Fast forward to the present years, experiences such as my dad’s has now become a thing of the past.

[Corporate offices and 9-5pm working routines are no longer the only option for todays workforce. Freelancing, startups, and co-working spaces are all changing the landscape of modern work]

Today, we now have AI (artificial intelligence), in form of tools that can help perform such tasks for us with utmost speed. But here is the sad truth, in as much as AI will get the work done for you in less than no time, it is still an AI.

And that means, that no matter what, at some point, human resource is always the best option. And that’s why today, there are places where you can hire available human services, waiting on you to request on them. And such places, are what we often call freelancing platforms.

Currently, there are a good number of freelancing platforms such is Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, People per Hour, Fiverr and so on, where one could hire human services from.

But for the purpose of this article, given that I am a top rated Fiverr 5 star seller, we’ll be looking at what Fiverr is, how it works, and why you should make use of their freelancing service. So, in order of importance, let’s first have a look at what Fiverr is.

What is Fiverr? – from a Fiverr 5 Star Seller

Fiverr, which was created in 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, is an online freelancing platform whose mission is to change how the world works together. Put differently, Fiverr connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 250+ categories.

[Fiverr is one of the World’s leading Online Digital Work Platforms – connecting Freelancers with individual clients and businesses alike]

So, if you want to get professional services, no matter the task, Fiverr helps in connecting you to the right people. Here is how it works.

How Fiverr works – insight from a Fiverr 5 Star Seller

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. And that’s why, it enables you to browse the selection of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click. However, a service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig, and here is how you can order a gig.

Step 1. Signing up

Signing up for Fiverr is free. But, you’ll need to do that with your working email, and thereafter verify your phone number / name. It is important to follow this first step because, only registered users can buy and sell on Fiverr.

[Signing up to Fiverr is quick, easy and rewarding – within a few hours you could be receiving work offers straight to your inbox]

Step 2: To Find the Service You’re Looking For

You can find the services you need by browsing the Fiverr catalogue in different categories, or by using Fiverr’s search engine, and filters to find a specific service or seller. Once you type in the desired service you need in the search bar, it will then pop up a list of freelancers under that niche of which you can compare and contrast, each and every one of them, in order to come up with the right candidate.

Step3: Placing an Order

Once you find a gig you like, click it for more information such as a description of the service, portfolio or samples of work, and pricing. If you have specific questions, I recommend you contacting the seller prior to ordering. When you feel you’ve found what you need, simply proceed with placing your order. However, before you place the order, you’ll have to attach a payment gateway such as credit card, or PayPal to act as your primary funding source for the order.

Note: All purchases on Fiverr, are subject to a service fee of $2 on purchases up to, and including $40, and 5% on purchases above $40. Fiverr charges this to help them maintain and operate their platform, and also offer 24/7 customer support for your orders.

Reasons why Fiverr is the best Freelancing platform according to a Fiverr 5 Star Seller

Having been a top seller in the writing niche for over 5 years now, and having amassed tons of highly satisfied clients, I can boldly tell you that Fiverr, can help you get qualitative results to your request, through its freelancers.

[Creative services like Digital Illustration, Graphic and Website design are all commonplace on Fiverr]

Whether it is a writing service for your blog, or dissertation, drawing/sketching, web design task, online marketing, and so on, you can get virtually anything done in top quality using the Fiverr freelance platform. Now, here are some more reasons why Fiverr is the best freelancing platform for you.

Fiverr is Cost effective

As you and I both know, $5 can’t get anything tangible done for you in the real world. But that’s not the case on Fiverr.

As a buyer looking to purchase a service, most of the starting price on Fiverr gigs often starts with $5. So let’s say for instance, you’re looking to purchase a write up of about 500 words, with $5, you can get a high quality content that comes in at around the 500 words mark.

Same goes for business name, logo and so on. And given that it is the basic package of many gigs on Fiverr, it really helps a lot of buyers in terms of cost.  And if you’re impressed with the content or service you got, you can either continue purchasing the same package or most preferably, upgrade to purchasing a higher package.

[Low cost and easy entry are the starting points on Fiverr, but from there you can quickly find higher quality and higher charging gigs]

Overall, services are cheap compared to hiring someone in the real world.

Fiverr is very easy and user-friendly

Understanding the user interface and marketplace on Fiverr is very easy for anyone to navigate.

Even beginners can easily understand the options and everything about Fiverr. This is because on Fiverr, there is no pointless stuff on the platform, that can confuse the users. Everything is responsive and direct.

Security (Making use of the great Escrow services on Fiverr)

Now this is part where most people, often choose to use Fiverr over real time hiring.

On Fiverr, there is what we call the escrow system. And this is what ensures payment protection between the sellers and buyers.

Now, once you order a service or gig from a seller on Fiverr, the money doesn’t go to them immediately. It is being held in something known as escrow; and escrow in this case, is Fiverr.

[Fiverr offers a brilliant escrow services, only releasing payment funds once a client is happy with the work and deliverables they have received]

What this means is that they act as a middle man in the payment process, until there is a mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller, that the job has been successfully completed, before they will then release the money paid by the buyer, to the seller.

If the buyer files for a dispute or perhaps wants to cancel an order on the grounds of poor quality or missed deadline, the money will then be returned to the buyer. In other words, there is full protection of the buyer’s money until the job is fully completed to their satisfaction.

No one is ever going to run away with your money. It’s all in your hands as a buyer, if you don’t like what you received, or maybe the seller missed the deadline, you’re free to cancel the order and get your money back. It is that safe, when ordering on Fiverr.

Communication on Fiverr

Most importantly, the communication level in Fiverr is unprecedented. This is so because, when you search for a service, oftentimes, Fiverr’s algorithm brings up sellers that are online and also those that have made a recent delivery, accompanied with a good rating. That way, you won’t have to beg or have your request message pending.

[Communicating on Fiverr is fast and easy – with a chat and email interface between sellers and buyers built into the website]

Plus, the communication interface is well designed and monitored by the Fiverr Team.

In the rare case where your client calls for a dispute on the order, the chats you had with a seller could be used as evidence to decide on who is at fault or not.

Overall, Fiverr makes communication easy and efficient.

Typical Time Frames for Gig Delivery on Fiverr

Fiverr is a time conscious freelancing platform.

That is, if you’re looking to get a service within 24hours, you’ll certainly get it before 24 hours. Fiverr ensures that time is of high essence to the sellers by, timing them as soon as you place the order.

[Timeliness of delivery is key for any Freelance project]

As a buyer, you won’t find the timer on your screen, but the seller does. If by chance the seller fails to deliver your order in the timeframe you people both agreed on, then you have the liberty to cancel the order, and ask for a refund. So, if you’re the time conscious type of person, Fiverr is the platform for you.

Skills on offer on Fiverr

Another benefit you stand to get with using Fiverr is that, you can purchase a variety of skills all at once.

So let’s say you need someone to design a website for you, at the same time, someone that will write and start compiling blog posts for the same website, and another person who is going to design your brand’s logo and so on, you can order up to 3 or more services all at once.

It is a market place and so, whatever you need will be made available to you, as simple as that.

Freelance Seller Ratings on Fiverr

Another feature present on Fiverr is the rating system.

Through the ratings on each seller, you’ll be able to decide on which would be the perfect match for you. The rating is traditionally based on the communication level, the quality of service rendition, and skills. And typically, vendors with a 5.0 rating are often those with the best quality of service and so on.

Achieving Fiverr 5 Star Seller status takes a lot of time and effort. With that in mind – if you come across a Fiverr 5 Star Seller who offers services in the area you need, you can rest assured that they know what they are doing and have a proven track record of good delivery.

[Find a highly rated and well reviewed seller on Fiverr before committing to your purchase]

There is no point contacting those with rating from 3.0 downwards, as that is ultimately going to be a waste of time. Unless they’re very new to the platform – in which case a 5 star rating might take them some time to build up to.

In Summary – A Guest Review of Fiverr by a Fiverr 5 Star Seller

In a nutshell, Fiverr is a digital market place where you can hire any services not only at a cheaper rate, but with the full conviction that you’re going to receive a service that is worth your money.

And if that is not the case, you are always free to cancel the order and perhaps, make a purchase from another seller right there on Fiverr.

So, if you want to get things done quickly, and as a result reduce the burden of having to do things all by yourself, visit Fiverr’s official website and start enjoying the benefits of freelancers for yourself.