Why you should use Fiverr Pro for your Freelance Articles and Blog Posts

2023 Review of Fiverr Pro – Ultimate Guide to the Top Freelancer Platform

2023 Review of Fiverr Pro – Why you should using Fiverr Pro for your Blog Content Creation and a whole heap of other Freelance Services

Freelancing is gaining popularity by day. As the rate of employment rises, many living in the third world countries are running to freelancing to make ends meet.

For others, it is a passion to run a personal business of their own.

Simply, freelancing is an individual decision. But, I want to guide you on the right freelance digital work platform to use.

So with that in mind, hopefully this 2023 Review of Fiverr Pro will prove to be valuable in your efforts to make the most of digital freelancers.

Writing is an inborn skill as well as a possible to learn ability. But, where do you sell your creative works? Not many appreciate literature work or the art of producing great content.

There are several article and blog post writing platforms.

Only a few stand out.

The most exceptional is Fiverr Pro.

Quick note – this post is a Review of Fiverr Pro, but if you’re more interested in the basic Fiverr product, we also have a Fiverr Review for 2023.

What is Fiverr Pro – 2021 Review
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2023 Review of Fiverr Pro – What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for writers. Article and blog post writers benefit most from this platform.

Joining the Fiverr (basic) platform is free. All that aspiring Freelancers need to do is create a stunning profile and pass a few tests like basic grammar.

Well, whilst this allows all levels of writers to sell their writing skill, it does not limit anyone except those not willing to keep time and complete orders.

This is where Fiverr Pro comes in…

Fiverr Pro is an online platform that gives exceptional writers a chance to create articles, blogposts and other creative works and earn heftily out of it.

Unlike Fiverr, Fiverr Pro is purely meant for experts. It is a platform for pros. It is in Fiverr Pro that you will charge the highest amount for the best quality you provide.

[High end Video Editing is one of the most sought after Freelance services on Fiverr Pro. You’ll find industry experts with impressive resumes and examples to back it up]

2023 Review of Fiverr Pro – Fiverr (Basic) Vs Fiverr Pro

I do not want to confuse you at this point. I am sure you are wondering why I’m referring to these two terms as different entities. Well, there is a slight difference between Fiverr and Fiverr pro.

Anyone can be on Fiverr. Although, you must be skilled to make more sales. Fiverr has different seller levels. They include:

  • No level
  • Level one seller
  • Level two seller
  • Top rated seller
  • Pro

Now, here’s the drill. Each level requires one to meet certain standards.

2023 Review of Fiverr Pro – Fiverr Seller Levels

No Level Seller

Immediately you sign up you become a no level seller. That is the starting point on Fiverr. Once you’re in, the next target is the Level one seller.

Level One Seller

This is quite a challenge but doable. It is especially hard if you are not making sales and are having discipline issues.

To rise to level one seller, you need to meet certain criteria. The first compulsory requirement is finishing thirty days on Fiverr. Besides, you must make sales worth $400 dollars or more. Another requirement is completing thirty days without receiving warnings for violating Fiverr’s Terms of Services (ToS).

[Monthly earnings is a key requirement for Fiverr Pro sellers]

Not only that, you must complete 90% of your orders and do so in time. You must also maintain a rating of at least 4.7%. To get a minimum of 4.7% rating you need between 4 and 5 star ratings. Anything short of that will pull you down. 

Once you meet all the above, you receive your promotion. Fiverr reviews your level stats monthly and that means you have to be always at the top of your game. The requirements are sort of a moving target. That is why you need to keep shooting.

Why is this piece important? You will never get through to Fiverr Pro with any other route. This is the shortest and easiest way to be a Fiverr Pro.

Maintaining a 100% on time and order completion require a few things. One, you must deliver within the time you agree with the client. You have the power to choose how long after an order is placed you will deliver.

The only problem is; the more time you give yourself the more clients you turn away. Most Fiverr buyers fancy fast deliveries. Depending on the amount of work you have, you can always adjust how much time you need before making a delivery.

At this level, sales come in regularly. It gets busier. Perhaps that is why sellers are forced to make certain adjustments on their gigs. Which are these changes?

Likely changes sellers make at Level One

  1. Increase price per gig
  2. Increase the delivery time
  3. Create more gigs
  4. Do a combination of the above

Rising through the ranks –

Remember, it is rising through these ranks that gets you to Fiverr Pro. You have to start at No Level Seller, go to Level One, Two then Top Rated seller to Pro. At the Pro Level, you have the advantage of benefiting from Fiverr Pro features. It is only meant for Pros.

Level Two Seller

This is a step closer to becoming a Pro. There are basic requirements to meet. One is completing thirty days without receiving any warnings.

[Rising through the ratings system of Fiverr requires excellent customer feedback, timely delivery, and a proven track record of gigs and time on the platform. All of these things help differentiate sellers and help buyers find the best Freelancers to connect with]

For a Level Two Seller, you must have been a Fiverr seller for at least one hundred and twenty days. Besides, you need a minimum of 90% order completion rate and time keeping. A 4.7% rating is also mandatory.

Now, Level Two Seller offers a bigger challenge in terms of the minimum amount you must have made. For this level, you must have made sales of at least $2,000 dollars.

You must have realized as you rise through the levels, the conditions become more stringent. The minimum sale barrier rises too. The advantage of rising through the ranks is more open doors.

At Level Two, you are sure of more clients than you used to receive at Level One. If you are not keen, you may end up messing yourself.

How do you mess yourself when you are making more money? Now, the more orders you receive the more time limited your schedule becomes. How may this affect your rating?

You will be forced to deliver some articles late. Alternatively, circumstances will force you to ask your clients for time extensions. For the impatient ones, they may decline. This will cause your time completion rate fall from 100% and continue dropping.

Other clients will agree to extend the time. This will also come at a cost. You may end up losing the client for good. This is because you kept them waiting for long. This is the time you are also likely to start receiving warnings for violation of terms of Fiverr service.

Top Rated Seller

The minimum number of days you must complete to be a top rated seller is one hundred and eighty days. On top of that, you must have delivered at least one hundred individual orders. Like the other levels, you must maintain a rating of 4.7%.

Now, here’s the biggest challenge. To gain promotion to the level of a top rated seller, you must have earned at least a staggering $20,000.

[Top rated sellers on Fiverr earn significant sums of money each month. High earnings is a good indicator of a sellers level of expertise and quality]

Your response rate, order completion and on-time deliveries must score at least 90%. This is calculated based on the dealings you’ve engaged in the last 60 days.

2023 Review of Fiverr Pro – Why are Fiverr seller levels important in achieving Pro status?

Applying for Fiverr Pro is open for writers who think they have the ability. While application is open, the decision to make you a pro or not is based on tight criteria which you must meet. Still, meeting these requirements does not guarantee that you will be a Fiverr Pro.

Once you fill the Fiverr Pro application form online, vetting starts. The panel will request you to give some important information. Details like your professional background. Another important piece of information you will be asked to submit is details about your higher education.

It doesn’t end there. You will also be asked about some of the projects you have engaged in or are currently pursuing. By now, you’ve already seen the high quality standard Fiverr Pro maintains.

[Delivering high value and high quality projects time and time again is an attribute of Fiverr Pro sellers]

Being on Fiverr gives you an added advantage. If your account has met all the standards needed, you stand a high chance to attain the Fiverr Pro seller status.

2023 Review of Fiverr Pro – What can Fiverr Pro do for me?

Fiverr Pro offers excellent writers exposure to more opportunities. Think about the many chances Fiverr gives to writers. Now, when it comes to Fiverr Pro the opportunity increase.

A lot of people out there are looking for experts to hire. Most of them do not mind paying highly for the best products. On Fiverr Pro you have more advanced features to grow your article and blog writing business.

Below are some of the different categories you may choose to sell from, on Fiverr Pro:

  • Graphics and design
  • Programming and Tech
  • Video and animation
  • Music and audio
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing and translation
[Looking for professional studio grade Podcast services? – Fiverr Pro offers that, amongst a huge list of other great services]

2023 Review of Fiverr Pro – Benefits of Fiverr Pro


Fiverr Pro has won the trust of both buyers and sellers. That makes buying and selling on this platform easier and with less worries. You can therefore be sure your service will be provided as you wish.

[Trust is key in all business transactions, particularly when working with remote freelance workers entrusted to deliver critical services for you and your business]

Not only that, you will get value for your money. For a seller, the risk of you losing your money is almost zero. Trust is Fiverr Pro’s most prominent quality.

24-hour support

Fiverr Pro sellers get VIP treatment. In case there is an issue with an order or anything, the support team is always there to assist. This means you will never get stuck. If you do, help will be on its way immediately the need arises.

Quality work

This comes in two ways. As a seller, Fiverr Pro is a great platform to grow your business. The clients will treat you with respect giving you ample time to write for them.

As a buyer, you get the best writing services in the world. Fiverr Pro vets and do background checks before approving its Pro sellers. This means, you can be 100% sure the pro you’re choosing to work with will exceed your expectations.


When writing a review of Fiverr Pro, it would be remisse to ignore one of the core benefits of commissioning freelance work – time and convenience.

Time is money.

Spend your time doing other businesses as Fiverr Pro’s writers do the articles and blog posts for you. The effort put to get you quality work will reflect in an increase in income and sales. Clients will flow in beyond your imagination.

[Ordering freelance services online can be very convenient. With Fiverr Pro – you can place you orders 24-7, from the comfort of your bed if you like!]

Isn’t it convenient to get more for less? What does this mean? It simply means you do not need to sweat to come up with fine write ups. Fiverr Pro writers will do that for you. At the end of the day, you have work done without you struggling.

Convenience is also experienced with payments. Unlike normal Fiverr users who have to wait longer for approval of funds, Fiverr Pro sellers’ funds get approved in a shorter period. Isn’t that great news?

Elite peers to learn from

This is for sellers. Fiverr Pro offers mentoring to help you grow your writing. With time, you learn a lot and grow to a better writer. Besides, this mentorship helps you horn your professional skills.

Simple Ordering process

There are many freelancing sites online. Fiverr Pro has the best ordering process. It is simple and self-guiding.

Besides, you may send your client a custom offer based on your agreement. This too is simple. It requires zero prowess.

Zero membership fee

You do not need to pay anything to be a Fiverr Pro member. The only charge you incur is when placing an order. Which is understandable since the provider has operations and maintenance teams to support. It is the same rate normal Fiverr users get charged.

Fiverr Pro Identity

For freelancers – once you attain your pro status, recognition is there. First, your profile will get a Pro badge. This will display and clients will see. this gives you an opportunity to create more pro gigs. Keep in mind you cannot convert your Fiverr gig into a pro gig. You must come up with a new one.

[Becoming a Fiverr pro seller can open new doors to greater opportunities and earning potential for any budding online Freelancer]

Pro identity has its benefits. Clients will accord you the utmost respect you deserve. Besides, they will pay more than usual subject to your price revisions.

2023 Review of Fiverr Pro Conclusion – Why use Fiverr Pro to outsource your work

The vetting process to convert one to a Fiverr Pro takes time. This time varies based on the seller being vetted and the specific service the seller is offering. Once approved, you will receive a notification and a badge. This is just the right place to do your freelancing.

Fiverr Pro is easy to use and guarantees quality. Besides, as a seller you make money like never before. This gives you an opportunity to scale up your writing business.

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